Increase your sales with video

Get exceptional videos filmed
❤️ Impress your audience
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⏰ Save time and effort

In-house video production is expensive

Generic videos from DIY video tools don't stand outYour brand & followers deserve more

Great videos portray the greater quality of your products

Complete transparency

No more worries as we take care of scripting, hiring talent & studios, producing multiple video formats for different social platforms.

Video marketing strategy

Achieve more from your videos as we create a proven strategy to maximise the results from video marketing.

Automate social posts

For a fully no-hassle experience, we’ll post the correct video format to each social platform on an agreed schedule.

We feel your pain when your visitors just leave your page unimpressed and we want to change that

Our videos get great reviewsOur clients keep coming back Our confidence in our work means you get a full money-back guarantee

How it works?

1. What’s on your mind?

We chat about your requirements and create a strategy plan

2. We’ll do the filming

We’ll plan, script, schedule, hire, cast, produce & deliver your video

3. Automate sales

We’ll help schedule your social media posts & further help you boost organic & paid sales.

Brands sell less when they have low-quality videos so we film exceptional videos capturing your brand and product essence which leaves your followers in awe wanting to buy your products

At StellaHeyStella we know you want to be defined as an inspiring visionary. In order to do that you need an easy way to create exceptional videos that drive higher sales. The problem is buying in-house production equipment is expensive and hiring a production crew is time-consuming.

And this leaves you feeling frustrated & lost by forcing you to use default video templates offered by many apps. We believe you deserve more than the generic type of videos found on every other social media account. Not only that we care about capturing the essence of what makes your brand and product great, so your audience can engage with you. This is why we’ve helped many by filming their perfect videos.

So, schedule a call back here. And in the meantime here are the secrets to super-successful videos which I’ve filmed for you. So you can stop wasting hours on creating videos yourself and instead find more ways to impress your loyal customers.

secrets to successful video marketing

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Frequently Asked Questions

What return on investment (ROI) can I expect from videos?

Uncertainty around ROI is frustrating. Therefore for any new project, we build your strategy, define goals for each video and assign relevant ROI metrics. For example, if the video is educational or a webinar and is filmed to increase awareness of your product in the market then we can track engagements, retention, shares. There are many other examples and ways we can measure the ROI of the video which we will define in our strategy for you.

What is video automation?

Keeping your social and other media platforms updated with new content is time-consuming and cumbersome. So in our video automation, we will keep producing quality video content on a schedule and post it to all of your relevant media platforms. So your brand is constantly at the forefront of your audience mind.

What type of videos can help my brand grow?

Staying on top of new video formats on different platforms is hard work. So we research your markets, competition, keywords for best-performing videos and make recommendations. From product ads to brand awareness videos to long-form webinars and more, we can build your video content calendar so you don’t have to worry about this.