Turn insights into action

Meet Stella: The All-in-One Platform for Marketing Mix Modeling, Incrementality, and Causal Impact

Uncover your true marketing impact

With Stella, see beyond surface-level metrics to understand which marketing efforts are truly driving growth. Our platform deciphers complex data to pinpoint your most profitable channels.

In-Depth Analytical Insights

Stay ahead with data-driven decisions based on robust analyses.

Integrated Analytical Solutions

Consolidate complex data and facilitate cohesive strategies.

Navigate the Customer Journey with Precision

With Stella, uncover which channels significantly influence the customer journey. Our analytics provide clarity on the most effective touch-points, helping you refine your marketing funnel.

Test & Learn with Incrementality

Reveal the true impact of each marketing channel on your bottom line and net profit.

Optimize Your Media Spend

Discover the optimal allocation of your marketing budget with Stella's Media Mix Modeling.

A dashboard that does more

Pinpoint Your True Marketing Contribution

Stella's Incrementality Testing Dashboards unveil the genuine impact of each marketing activity, empowering you to allocate resources to what truly drives growth.

Incrementality Without The Holdout Tests

Determine the actual influence of your marketing activities on business performance, ensuring you allocate resources to initiatives that maximize profit and enhance market share.

Navigate Your Path to Peak Performance

Stella’s Media Mix Modeling Dashboards guide your investments, identifying the most lucrative marketing channels for sustainable business success.

Integrated with all the tools you already know and love

Pricing plans

Stella is an end to end growth intelligence platform that combines your marketing data into one unified dashboard. View our pricing in the module below. Pricing includes unlimited analysis.

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$1 Million (USD)
What's included:
  • All Dashboards
  • Data ingestion from many sources
  • Geo-lift studies
  • Scale testing
  • Brand-Holdout studies
  • Incremental impact analysis

Find the true marketing impact of every single dollar

with Stella

Frequently asked questions

What is Stella?

Stella is a unique Growth Intelligence platform designed to enhance marketing strategies through advanced analytics. It integrates with various marketing data sources to provide comprehensive insights. Stella stands out by offering powerful tools such as Media Mix Modeling, Incrementality testing, and Causal Impact Analysis, helping marketing leaders identify the true drivers of growth and optimize their marketing efforts for maximum profitability.

How can I get started with Stella?

Begin your journey with Stella by signing up for free access to our platform, allowing you to run unlimited analyses using data from Google Sheets. To experience our platform firsthand, try our virtual demo—no login required. For a more comprehensive solution, contact our sales team to integrate Stella directly with major ad platforms like Google Ads, Meta Ads, and more, ensuring a seamless and powerful user experience.

How does Stella ensure the privacy and security of data?

Stella uses top-tier encryption and follows strict global data protection laws, including GDPR, to secure user data. We conduct regular security audits to maintain the highest privacy standards, ensuring your data's integrity. We also do not ingest any PII data into our platform.

Who should use Stella?

Stella is designed for advanced marketing leaders, including VPs of Marketing and Directors of Growth at brands with an annual revenue of $10 million or more. It offers scalable solutions for businesses that spend over $200,000 per month on advertising, providing comprehensive insights and advanced analytics tools to optimize marketing performance and drive growth.

What are Stella's pricing plans?

Stella's pricing is based on company annual ecommerce or retail revenue. The more data you want to track to more expensive data costs become. This model ensures competitive pricing for quality analytics services for all business sizes.

Is there customer support available for Stella users?

We offer a detailed onboarding process and email support to ensure smooth usage. Stella is designed for ease of use, making complex data sets manageable without extensive external support.