Turn insights into action

Meet Stella: The one growth intelligence platform made to replace them all.

Uncover your true marketing impact

With Stella, see beyond surface-level metrics to understand which marketing efforts are truly driving growth. Our platform deciphers complex data to pinpoint your most profitable channels.

Real-Time Insights

Stella provides up-to-the-minute analytics, ensuring you're always a step ahead.

A Single Source of Truth

Eliminate silos and unify your team under one platform.

Navigate the Customer Journey with Precision

From first click to final purchase, track every step of the customer journey. Stella's advanced tracking illuminates paths to conversion, optimizing your marketing funnel.

Test & Learn with Incrementality

Reveal the true impact of each marketing channel on your bottom line and net profit.

Optimize Your Media Spend

Discover the optimal allocation of your marketing budget with Stella's Media Mix Modeling.

A dashboard that does more

Pinpoint Your True Marketing Contribution

Stella's Incrementality Testing Dashboards unveil the genuine impact of each marketing activity, empowering you to allocate resources to what truly drives growth.

Price Elasticity Modeling for Smarter Pricing

Understand how price changes affect demand with Stella's Price Elasticity Modeling. Set prices that maximize profit and market share.

Navigate Your Path to Peak Performance

Stella’s Media Mix Modeling Dashboards guide your investments, identifying the most lucrative marketing channels for sustainable business success.

Cohort Analysis for Deeper Behavioral Insights

Stella transforms your understanding of customer interactions over time, leveraging cohort analysis to offer unparalleled insights into behavioral trends.

Integrated with all the tools you already know and love

Designed for your entire organization.

Not just marketing...

Executive teams

Stella empowers executive teams with a holistic view of business performance, connecting marketing success directly to overarching corporate goals.

Marketing teams

Designed for marketing teams, Stella provides deep insights into campaign effectiveness, customer journeys, and ROI to drive strategic decision-making.

Finance Teams

Stella equips finance teams with comprehensive financial analytics, linking all expenditures to revenue outcomes for accurate budgeting and forecasting.

Pricing plans

For a limited time, while Stella is in Beta, all plans are up to 75% off.

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Everything you need to track true performance and have a single dashboard you can trust.

What's included?

Pre-Built Reporting Dashboards

Financial Reporting

Basic Cohort Analysis

AI Insights

Customer Journey Tracking

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Everything you need to profitably grow and prioritize driving incremental revenue for the business.

What's included?

Everything from Sustain

Media Mix Modeling

Causal Impact Analysis

Incrementality Testing

Forecasting Tools

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Speak to sales

Fully custom built reporting dashboards, exports and analytic tools made for your business specifically.

What's included?

Everything from Growth

Fully customizable dashboards

Fully customizable analytic tools

Dedicated Support

Custom AI Insights

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Stella is currently in Beta.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Stella?

Stella is a unique Growth Intelligence platform that integrates with all aspects of a business, providing a clean, unified source of truth for stakeholders. It stands out by incorporating true net profit calculations and offering AI-driven insights, alongside advanced analytics tools like Media Mix Modeling and Incrementality testing.

How can I get started with Stella?

Begin by contacting our sales team for account integration or explore Stella through our free virtual demo. Our setup process is straightforward, with one-click connections for major ad platforms, aiming for a seamless user experience.

How does Stella ensure the privacy and security of data?

Stella uses top-tier encryption and follows strict global data protection laws, including GDPR, to secure user data. We conduct regular security audits to maintain the highest privacy standards, ensuring your data's integrity.

Who should use Stella?

Stella is tailored for eCommerce brands and is expanding to serve B2B companies, offering scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes. It's particularly beneficial for companies with an annual revenue of $5 million or more, with competitive pricing below our competitors.

What are Stella's pricing plans?

Stella's pricing is based on company annual revenue, offering 75% off during our Beta phase for an affordable entry. This model ensures competitive pricing for quality analytics services for all business sizes.

Is there customer support available for Stella users?

We offer a detailed onboarding process and email support to ensure smooth usage. Stella is designed for ease of use, making complex data sets manageable without extensive external support.