Fitness Filming Pricing

£399 : includes 60 sec video clip (portrait/tall or landscape/wide video format will be decided prior to filming). Video can include you working out, training clients, being yourself etc. You’ll get to choose 1 music track from a selection of 3 from various genres that I’ll send before editing video. Final video available within 5 working days of selecting music. And you can ask as many changes/edits to the final video as you like and each change/edit will be delivered within 1 working day. The shoot time will be around 90mins. And this video is usually intended for use as an ad for your business services.

Note : the above prices does not include cost of hiring gym for filming or getting a day pass to the gym. If you want to film at your own gym, please let me know if you’re able to get permission from the gym. Alternatively we can suggest a few gyms if your prefer being filmed at a separate gym.

Add ons

£199 Raw footage add on : includes all the colour graded footage from the day of the shoot. No music track added to these video clips. You’ll receive 2 long videos (few minutes) of all small clips from the day put together as 1 regular speed video and 1 slow motion video. These videos can be usually used by yourself to create reels or stories with trending music of your choice, that you can post on your social profile on a regular basis. Please note this includes creating your own reels and stories, this add-on will only provide you the video.

£149 voiceover add on : includes capturing your voice that can be used as voice-over/narration with the main video. You can share your story, what motivates you, how you can help your clients and much more. This is usually used to personalise the video so you can connect with viewers better. Please allow 30mins additional shoot time for recording voice over.

£99 testimonial add on : includes 60 sec testimonials from 2 of your clients. We’ll record the audio of your clients. This can be scheduled any day when your clients are available (although having them available at the time of filming your main video will save us both time). Fully edited testimonials will be delivered within 1 working day.

Cash back

%25 cash back on referrals : when you refer someone to my video services, you’ll receive 25% of what that someone pays/spends for my services.